So much goes into a wedding. We often don't realize how massive the expenses are until it's crunch time, or when it's time to book your services. I often find that people balk at photography prices when they are looking for a wedding photographer. When you understand the amount of work that goes into your wedding shoot, you will see the prices aren't bad at all! I'll explain in more detail below.

It's just one day, why does it cost so much?

When planning your wedding, you put a lot of effort into it. All your work comes to fruition on that one well planned out day. It doesn't differ much for photographers. The day you book with us is the day we start planning for our big day, the day we deliver your amazing wedding album. It goes something like this:

  • Initial Meeting -Where we map out the road to your big day. 
  • Additional Meetings - Throughout this process, as your photographer, I want to be in the know. So several times before your wedding, I like to catch up over coffee so we can discuss everything!
  • Depending on the package you choose, I may be shooting your rehearsal dinner, your engagement photos, etc.
  • The Big Day - Your wedding is everything you ever hoped it to one day be. It's my job to capture all of your meticulous planning on media for you. From the groomsmen dressing, to the bride walking down the aisle, I will tell the story of your wedding day.
  • Editing - I generally have one other photographer at the wedding. This means there will be a lot of photos to edit and go through. I'd say on average I spend 24-35 hours on editing alone.
  • Post Wedding Meeting - We finally get to see your photos! We can sit down and chat, look at the images, and decide what you want to do with them. 

Other Often Forgotten Expenses

  • Camera Gear - Cameras, lights, batteries, bags, you get the picture.
  • Additional photographers (we want to capture all the moments)
  • Editing Software

Weddings can be expensive, plain and simple. A lot more goes into photography than is often conveyed. My job is to make sure that your images result in everything you ever imagined. At the same time, I have to price appropriately for my talent and my time. I love shooting weddings, and my passion and expertise will shine through your photos. Everyone knows someone who takes pictures, right? This is a once in a lifetime experience, and you will be glad you hired a professional. Leave your worries at the door.