Why You Should Have Two Photographers On Your

Wedding Day

Why You Should Have Two Photographers On Your Wedding Day

In the days and months leading up to your wedding, you plan and make several decisions. One of the biggest questions I get is, “Do I need a second photographer at my wedding, or is that just wasting money?” I recommend it! At a wedding, a photographer is pulled into several different directions and places. We are extraordinary, but to provide high-quality service and results, two is better than one.  

A second photographer works alongside the primary shooter. They photograph different angles from the other and help assist them with equipment and other logistics come wedding day. A second person helping can provide a different type of style, ultimately giving you more options for images. Many photographers rely on a second shooter and assistant to keep an eye on things that don’t belong in a photo. For example, a person wearing sunglasses in a family photo, uneven bowties, a phone in a pocket, and so forth. 

They save time and speed up the process. Perhaps while the primary photographer is capturing you and the groom’s photos, the second photographer can begin to shoot the bridal party’s images. In the end, you will come out with more photographs with two shooters. They play a significant role in photographing the small details throughout the entire day. It is a great benefit!

If you have a large venue, they can cover more ground. This goes for the guests mingling and dancing! They are able to capture more moments during the party. One photographer can’t be in two locations at the same time. For example, one photographer can capture the girl’s bridal party getting ready for the big day while the other capture’s the guys. Also, throughout the day, it is essential to focus on the couple (bride & groom, bride & bride, groom & groom). But it is equally important to provide a holistic view of what else is going on during that time.

I hope this information helps you understand why having two wedding photographers is ideal. While the primary photographer is focused on the key subjects, the second photographer goes full ninja mode and helps capture shots to complete the story!

Why Do We Have a Second Shooter (photographer)?

All of our main wedding collections/packages include two photographers – a main photographer, and a second photographer. A second shooter is an additional photographer who is there to cover the wedding as well. We choose to have a second photographer for many reasons.

  • It is impossible to be everywhere at one time. If you want photos of the bride and groom both getting ready, we can’t be in both locations at once. By having a second photographer, we can cover more of your wedding day at one time. If you like candid shots, you absolutely want a second shooter. They will be able to get all of the little moments that are happening behind the scenes. If you only have one photographer and he or she is with the bride while the groom is getting ready, then you will have to have the groom mock-up and fake these moments to look candid, while missing the real thing.
  • During the wedding, the main photographer is so focused on getting all the traditional shots that sometimes we miss the candid moments during your ceremony. A second shooter is looking out for these moments. Having a second photographer can help get more candid images and also different angles. They can catch different angles and give you a different perspective.
  • It is also good to have two different cameras shooting the event. In case of emergency – for example, a camera is broken or a card gets corrupted – you will still have photos and they won’t all be lost or damaged.
  • If we are limited on time, having a second can allow them to capture the reception details while the other is doing the family formal photos.
  • If there is an emergency and the main photographer gets injured or ill, the second photographer can take over for the main photographer.